Richmond, VA


November 16, 2019

I’m the type of traveler that searches “cutest coffee shops” on my way to a new city. I know I’m not alone in this right?! Basic b******* unite – kidding, but also not really. This past weekend Jon and I traveled to Richmond, Virginia for his first residency interview at VCU.

I looked to pinterest to find a couple different city guides for Richmond. We were there for barely a day, so I had to choose carefully. Friday night I ended up in Carytown – a bohemian district along Cary St. scattered with indie boutiques, vintage shops, bright murals, quaint bakeries, coffee shops, and locally owned restaurants. 

I spent the evening working at Sugar + Twine,  the sweetest little coffee shop. It was warm, welcoming, and glowing from the street. It was one of the only coffee shops open past 5 PM on a Friday night and was packed shoulder-to-shoulder with studying college students, readers, and couples on coffee dates. 

I had a table in the back to sip my oat milk latte while wrapping up some website work. I loved that the artwork, copper ceiling, and hightop bar. I’m a sucker for quality, lovely interior design and a pretty atmosphere – I swear it makes the coffee even better. I knew I had chosen a good place when I noticed the person a table over from me was a sweet old man in a top hat sipping tea and reading a Nicholas Sparks novel. 

The next morning while Jon was at his Interview I went to a coffee shop called Lamplighters with my suitcase in-tow. It was a slightly edgier shop that had a “rough and tough” vibe, big windows, and a delicious maple latte – another clue you’ve found a good coffee shop is when they have house-made syrups. I went to the Lamplighters on Summit, but they had two other locations you could try if you’re ever in town.

I only had a few hours on Saturday morning before I had to meet Jon at the airport, but if I had more time,  I also wanted to visit The Quirk Hotel – apparently they have an art gallery, a coffee shop, and a fabulous rooftop bar.

Until next time Richmond!  Xx

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