“I hope today is the kind of day where you see the light in everything.”

-Morgan Harper Nichols

Hello Helloooo, my name is Alexa. I'm an Iowa native and Michigan lover, twenty-something, and just trying to navigate this crazy, wild, beautiful life. Photographer is one of the many hats I wear - specializing in seniors, engagements, weddings, and lifestyle. But like I said, there are quite a few hats.

I have so many passions, interests, loves, and dreams and I felt like I needed to create this place to share them with whoever might have a few of the same. A majority of these things stem from my desire to create a beautiful and healthy life, hence the other hats that I wear… my nike running ball cap, my fashion guru flat-brimmed fedoras, and my rancher hats for adventures and travels.

I’m constantly gathering inspiration from the people and places around me, always learning from my experiences, collecting moments, and remembering the little details in life, Alexa Karen Blog is an illustration of that.