Why Event Styling is the New Essential Wedding Service

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April 19, 2020

Whether you have no idea what the style and design of your wedding day is going to be or you have every detail picked out, hiring an event stylist for your wedding is a must-do. Why?  Let me tell ya…

When I set out to plan my wedding in the early weeks following my engagement, I was overwhelmed with the amount of ideas and inspiration I had. I was feeling a little stumped, unsure of how to pull together the ideas that I had in a way that was unique, accurately reflected my style, and created a cohesive look and feel. I knew what I liked, but the pressure I was putting on myself to make this day perfect clouded my vision for how I wanted it to come together.

It was six-months out from my wedding day when I hired my wedding planner + designer. I thought I could do it alone, but I was wrong. My only wedding regret is not hiring Katie sooner! Over countless phone calls and coffee dates, Katie helped pull out and piece together my true wedding day vision in a way that was totally unique to me. We took the inspiration I had, and worked together until we had a clear focus and had honed in on what my wedding style was.

I had so much fun working with Katie to design my wedding, I couldn’t imagine not having the opportunity to style another wedding day. Plus, I’ve been feeling a little eager to use my design education from college. This is why I have added event styling as a branch of my business. I want to be the person that works with the bride to discover her true wedding style and provide the resources to make her vision come to life in a way that has never been done before.

Whether you’re like I was and have an overwhelming amount of ideas, or you have literally no idea where to begin, an event stylist is for you. Even if you have a clear design direction, an event stylist can give you expert design advice, make sure your vision is executed no matter your budget, and be your built-in wedding design teammate. As amazing and helpful as family and friends are, it can be difficult to take in so many ideas and opinions from others when trying to curate the look that only you truly desire.

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Xx, Alexa

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