San Diego, CA


December 6, 2019

Places: A majority of the photos we took were on the stunning Solana Beach, very close to my favorite little town we visited, Encinitas. Encinitas has a great, hip food and drink scene for night life and also awesome coffee shops, ice cream stores, and shopping for daytime. I liked Encinitas so much because it felt super causal and chill but had tons of variety. Our favorite food stop there was URBN Coal Fried Pizza – so good a super unique atmosphere. We also spent time in La Jolla, where there is a plethora of shopping and picturesque pink architecture.

Outfits: My beach shoot outfit is 100% Abercrombie & Fitch, throwing it straight back to junior high in 2009 but WAY better. Abercrombie has recently done some rebranding and I’m obsessed, tons of great denim, basics, and boho sets. The jeans and backpack look is a mix of Abercrombie (black body suit), H&M (jeans), OTBT (cheetah shoes), and my backpack you see frequenting many of my photos is actually just my camera bag by Kamrette.

Food: Cha Cha Matcha, URBN Coal Fried Pizza, Better Buzz Coffee Roasters.

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