Salt Lake City, UT


November 28, 2018

I have a lot of super driven and intelligent friends from college pursuing careers in Salt Lake City. I hadn’t seen some of them since graduation, so when I found a free weekend and cheap plane tickets I had to take the opportunity to make the trip!

Being the organized people that they are (most of the time) I was welcomed with a day-by-day itinerary, so I’m going to break this post down the same way.

Friday night: I flew into SLC, learned how to make sushi, and drank boxed wine around the kitchen table which resulted in major nostalgia for college (almost a nightly occurrence for us back in GR).

Saturday morning: Woke up for a bright and early trail run that overlooked the whole city, but that wasn’t even the best part. Nope, the best part was that there were tons of other runners and most of them had their big friendly dogs running right along side them and you bet I “awwwed” over every single one. Then we went home and had cheese omelettes and pancakes – another college tradition upheld by Grace.

Saturday afternoon: We drove up the mountains to get some QUALITY shooting in. These are a few faves:

Saturday night: Drove to Park City – the cutest little ski town ever – and hit up No Name Saloon & Grill and enjoyed their delicious tater tots and rooftop bar.

Sunday morning: Grabbed an almond milk cafe au lait with a half pump of almond syrup and some avocado toast at Tulie, the cutest coffee and bake shop. Then we walked right down the block to Capital church to enjoy the Sunday morning service.

Sunday afternoon: Went back up to Park City to explore and shop in the daylight – and per usual I was the only one who bought anything and I bought a lot lol. Then we wrapped up the day over apricot beer and a shared pizza at a brewery there.

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